Welcome to the Chief Customer Office, which helps leaders find practical ways to boost competitiveness by improving experiences for customers, employees, and other stakeholders. The Chief Customer Office curates the most visionary and practical thought leadership on customer empowerment and business transformation. It’s unique because CSRA has been on the front lines of social business innovation since 2006, so we have deep and broad insight into customer experience.

The Chief Customer Office has several spaces:

  • The Fish Bowl is for business strategy; it explains business drivers framing CCO positions as well as the latest trends, and it shares the best posts we can find in real time
  • The Corner Office is about CCO careers, challenges and opportunities; it shares our analysis and curated articles
  • The Cafe is about customer empowerment and voice; there, you’ll find posts that explain how customer expectations are changing, and customer conversations
  • The Lab gives you access to daring yet practical ideas for driving customer ethos and empowering customer experience in organizations
  • The Library contains thought leadership by CSRA—and it offers an integrated feed of curated CCO posts on all topics
  • About summarizes CSRA’s experience and point of view

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